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Another one I got via GamePass and I'm quite undecided about what to make of it. It's word free, so no messing with tiny subtitles (I see a rant coming), but it pushes the needle towards "unfinished" with its controls.

Place with a view.

The controls are annoyingly fidgety at times and there are spots where you have to hit a spot on-the-pixel (see image below where you need to position yourself in the shadows of the umbrellas in order to cross the screen).

Don't go towards the light.

On the plus side ... I haven't rage-quit yet, but I'm also not sure if I really want to go on after 5h.

graphics and style 7/10
fun playing it 7/10

I haven't found a homepage with a quick search, so here's the link to the Xbox page:


In favor of the game, I have to admit that I don't like survival/horror games, making Signalis an odd choice. What made me try it, was that it came with GamePass and the retro look.

(Screenshot nipped from the Signals page, I didn't get that far)

The first hour or so was really enjoyable (more puzzle/exploration and less survival), then came the shooting and the dying and time for me to say "goodbye".

I had a quick look at a walkthrough to see where the shooting and dying might lead me and if I should just swallow my dislike of "not enough of everything" (including inventory space). But reading a few chapters into the guide I found a shitload of things I would have forgotten and would have made me reload/restart that chapter, resulting in a rage-quit.

graphics and style 9/10
fun playing it (1st hour) 8/10
fun playing it (after 1st hour) 3/10


Signalis Homepage

A clean start ...

... sort of.

I've been working on Genesis64 a lot last year - and then I hit a wall when I needed to decide where this is going. The decision to put everything in a GEOS-like UI worked pretty well entertainment-wise. It did nothing to get G64 near the finish line, though.
This dragged me down so much that I decided to abandon G64 and let it die on its arse.

Now, 3 months later, I noticed that I don't want to let it die this way.

So I deleted the whole project (backup'ed it first, of course) and set up a clean and empty one, and even put it on git (link coming soon, maybe).

While at it, I also want to try to get this blog up and running and focus on toot-like posts instead of novels.

We'll see if it worked in a few months.

-- nGFX