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A clean start ...

... sort of.

I've been working on Genesis64 a lot last year - and then I hit a wall when I needed to decide where this is going. The decision to put everything in a GEOS-like UI worked pretty well entertainment-wise. It did nothing to get G64 near the finish line, though.
This dragged me down so much that I decided to abandon G64 and let it die on its arse.

Now, 3 months later, I noticed that I don't want to let it die this way.

So I deleted the whole project (backup'ed it first, of course) and set up a clean and empty one, and even put it on git (link coming soon, maybe).

While at it, I also want to try to get this blog up and running and focus on toot-like posts instead of novels.

We'll see if it worked in a few months.

-- nGFX

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